Wine Tours

This trip focuses on the heart of the renowned Alcamo DOC wine region. Its suggestive landscape is striated by lush vineyards.

Large tracts of land are devoted to lemons, mandarins, oranges and groves of olive trees that contort with age.

Starting from the Tarantola Farmhouse which houses the Wine Farm and Tourist, this tour visits the strongholds or bagli arranged around a central courtyard, located in rural positions.

These buildings were often used as grain or grapes depositories and for storing farm equipment.

Some of these bagli served as wineries. Examples of rural architecture are the Bagli Simeti and Ferricinotti.

The trip includes one stop at the Winery St. Antonio in order to taste the Alcamo DOC wines and to learn their making process.

The ancient oil mills certainly worth a visit.

The big juicy olives pressed a freddo produce a fine extra virgin olive oil: a green and yellowish colour, yielded with an almond taste.

Ovines and caprines play an important role in the hills, providing another economic resource for this territory.

Dairy factories will offer guests the best cheese made in Italy: ricotta, primo sale, caciocavallo and tuma.

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