In the surrounding area, in Gorga district there are thermal springs. The hypothermal waters have an alkaline and sulphurous composition which aid dermatological and rheumatism ailments. Mineral water comes from the Gorga spring about 50 meters above sea level, together into a natural basin surrounded by clay agglomerations, maintaining a constant temperature of 51°C. A canal brings water to an ancient mill which has also an outdoor swimming pool and a sauna. Just a few kilometers from Gorga district, on the slopes of the Monte Barbaro, emerge two mag- nificent jewels: the Doric temple and the Greek theatre. Segesta archaeological park occupies a splendid position among hills of yellow ochre and ruddy brown. On the summit of Mount Bonifato, the adventure park offers six different paths designed for persons over six and under sixty years of age. This is the ideal spot for people who love nature and want to amuse themselves.