Wine Farm and Tourist gives visitors the opportunity to discover the north-western Sicily’s major strongholds, wineries, museums and vineyards on itineraries designed for groups, students, adults and children with the aim of promoting natural resources and cultural heritage. This association supports environmental sustainability, personal growth and socially responsible tourism.
These tours  close to nature in all its beauty and profundity wend between the provinces of Trapani and Palermo, visiting Castellammare del
Golfo, Alcamo, Partinico, Borgetto, Cinisi, Trappeto and Balestrate.
The Wine Farm and Tourist proposes itineraries which combine local products and natural points of interest, such as the Oriented Nature Reserve Alcamo Wood or the beautiful sandy hills of Calatubo. These themed tours explore some of the island’s lesser-known sights, driving or walking through the wine routes, the mountains and the coastlines.
A four-wheel drive makes the stunning stretches accessible.
During the visit one crosses delightful landscapes and tastes home-made dishes accompanied by fresh table wines.

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